Hi-Fi Dry Zero Carb Japanese Lager
Hi-Fi Dry Zero Carb Japanese Lager
Hi-Fi Dry Zero Carb Japanese Lager

Hi-Fi Dry Zero Carb Japanese Lager

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  • B-Corp Certified
  • Zero Carb
  • 87 Calories per can


Style: Japanese Lager 

ABV: 4.2% 

Hi-Fi Dry is crisp, easy refreshment. Brewed to precision at our state-of-the-art brewery, creating a clean finish that is super easy drinking. 


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Year 'round!

First Choice Liquor
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Craig Middleton
Price gouging

Was OK until the price went up. Time for another change of beer,


After a week at work this beer goes down a treat and zero carb… impressive stuff!!

Andrew Bassingthwaighte
Great Drop

I had the Brick Lane HiFi for the first time at BigSound in Brisbane. What a great beer! It quickly became my beer of choice at the music conference.

Refreshing beer

A refreshing beer, easy drinking so good I will have another. Cheers

A beer without peer (or hyperbole)

Is this the best beer ever created by anyone ever in the history of beer? Without overselling it, yes.

I stumbled upon Hi-Fi Dry in the summer of '22 while looking for an easy drinking beer that came in a can so I could drink it in the pool because, you know, rich people problems. You can't take glass bottles into a pool, and I don't like to be wet and sober, so you can imagine the predicament I was in.

When I found Hi-Fi Dry, I realised that not only was my pool/beer crisis over, but that the empty space in my heart that I had pointlessly tried to fill with friends, family and religion was finally full.

It was not only the best beer I'd ever tasted, but possibly the best thing I'd ever had in my mouth. And in the 90's I met Gwen Stefani back stage at a No Doubt gig, so, there's that.

On top of that, it's zero carbs and only 87 calories. Zero carbs! I mean, it's basically a salad. It could be one of your five a day. Or all of them, I'm not going to judge you.

Also, there is no hangover. None. I once drank so many of these 'salads' that I woke up next to a vegetarian and yet, my head was so clear and pain-free I was still able to attend my slam poetry recital.

Here is my promise to you: If you don't absolutely love Hi-Fi Dry, send them to my house and I will drink them for you. That's how confident I am in this beer. You think I'd do that for a Carlton Dry? Would I f***.