Like brick laneways around the world, Brick Lane Brewery brings communities together through inclusivity and diversity, sustainability and innovation.

Fiercely independent, Brick Lane is at the forefront of craft brewing, having created a community where lovers and makers of great beers can unite, from a state-of-the-art brewery designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, with a range of Australian firsts using world-leading technologies and equipment.

Our wide range of beers are created for all taste profiles and occasions, spanning from the every day refreshment to the super special limited releases. Our beers are designed to welcome everyone in without judgement. We brew beer which is and fun to make and fun to drink. 

Everyone is welcome at Brick Lane Brewing Community.


Building our brewery in Dandenong has allowed us the space and freedom to create something truly world-class, with quality and flexibility at the forefront of our minds. Our major brewing equipment partners BrauKon, CoMac, Krones, Pall, GEA and TPM Pipe Welders have provided state-of-the-art brewing, process and packaging equipment, ensuring quality and consistency with a reduced environmental footprint.

Our brewery is a state-of-the-art facility that delivers incredible quality and consistently great brews; it has sustainability and efficiency at its core. We have a range of Australia firsts, from low thermal load wort boiling to crossflow filtration technology that reduces energy and water usage, improves beer quality and eliminates the need to use non-renewable filtration aids. 

Packaging is in a flexible range of aluminium cans or glass bottles, with a range of secondary and tertiary multipack formats. No plastic packaging is used, with a focus on recyclable glass, aluminium, and fibre. We aim for best-in-class energy efficiency within the Brick Lane brewery, with significant investment into reducing emissions and reducing primary energy consumption. 

Our next major expansion will roll out in 2021 and see us further adopt world-leading technologies in yeast propagation, fermentation management, automated liquids handling, centrifugation, high-gravity brewing, thermal storage/energy recovery and keg packaging.

Each project component will incorporate a technological or engineering approach new to the Australian beer market and help us to significantly reduce primary energy and water requirements; to the tune of 1.5 million litres per annum!  We are currently in the process of applying for B-Corp certification. 


The Brick Lane Brewing Community includes all those who enjoy good beer – our customers, trade customers, partner brewers, suppliers, friends and other independent brewers.

We have an amazing home base in Dandenong and believe in inclusivity and diversity in brewing and that we have an obligation to do good in our community. 

Brick Lane supports a number of organisations, from charity groups and sporting clubs to partnering with purpose-led organisations.  

We remain a fiercely independent brewer, focused on driving local employment through the ever-expanding brewery and the multitude of organisations who help us bring it to life.  We have a deliberate regional procurement strategy, with around 98% of all finished goods mass sourced from Victorian producers, including malt, water, most hops, most fibre and all primary packaging. 


Our Partners