Brick Lane Discovery Pack

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24 cans 

Beer. It is a beautiful thing. We obviously love it - we love brewing it, talking about it and sharing it. Beer is wonderfully diverse with always more to learn about. 

We’ve got a discovery for you. We’ve put together a pack with all our delicious beers so you too can try and compare, and try and compare again.

Each Brick Lane Discovery Pack contains:

6 x One Love Pale Ale 
2 x Brick Lane Lager 
2 x Brick Lane Draught 
2 x Backyarder Crisp Lager 
2 x Supernova IPA 
2 x Avalanche Hazy IPA 
2 x Sidewinder Hazy Pale 
2 x Revolver Dark Hoppy Ale 
2 x Sunsetter Alcoholic Ginger Beer 
2 x Someday Sour Blood Orange