Hush Little Baby Voodoo Imperial Stout

Hush Little Baby Voodoo Imperial Stout

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Trilogy Of Fear

1 can x 500ml / 4 pack 

11.1% ABV 

Don't try and fight this curse, you'll never win. The more you try, the deeper the pin sticks in. 

Aged on cypress and whole Papuan vanilla to give a vanilla aroma expressed as earthy, complex and almost oud-like, complemented with resinous and herbal notes of juniper, scots pine and an almost ether-like sweetness from the cypress heartwood.

Hush Little Baby is part of the Trilogy Of Fear range. 

Choose which fear you wish to face or, if you're feeling truly brave, face all three in our exclusive Trilogy Of Fear pack. 

It's time to face your fears... if you dare!