Vote in GABS Can Design Awards 2023!

Vote in GABS Can Design Awards 2023!
Voting has offically opened for the GABS Can Design Awards 2023 and we need your support! 
Help Trilogy Of Fear make the top 10 for a third year running by voting for Last Train Home Oud Imperial Stout. 
Each year, the Trilogy Of Fear range grows larger, darker and more terrifying. To elevate the fear factor further this year, we decided to create thermochromic labels. These labels aim to capture the eeriness of a zombie apocalypse. A warm can of Last train Home features a soul zombie staring at you from the bottom of the stairs as you rush to catch the last train to saftey. As you chill the can, the air turns cold and a legion of zombies appears at the bottom of the stairs. Additionally, we sought to embody the flavour of Oud, known for its musky and animalistic characteristics, by incorporating the sensation of being trapped underground at the onset of an apocalypse. 
Support Brick Lane by voting for Last Train Home Oud Imperial Stout. 
Voting is easy! Simply: 
2. Choose your top 3 can designs of 2023 
3. Enter the draw for your chance to win one of 100 GABS 2024 Festival tickets. 
You don't have to jump through hoops to vote for us, simply search "Brick Lane" when voting and you'll find our Last Train Home Oud Imperial Stout awaiting your support. 
Happy voting! 

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