Two beers, one twisted soul.

Two beers, one twisted soul.
Introducing our newest limited release beers, the Guardian Belgian Tripel and Morning Star Belgian Dark Ale.
The Guardian Belgian Triple is a bright golden ale that is effervescent but powerful. With delicate notes of bubblegum, pepper and clove this not-so-innocent beer sits at a strong 7.5% ABV.
Morning Star Belgian Dark Ale is the brooding dusk to the Guardian Belgian Tripel’s dawn. Warm and full of dried dark fruit flavours. Big bready malt characters than meld perfectly with hints of pear, black pepper, clove and banana. This decadent delight is 7.1% ABV.
What really makes these two beautifully crafted beers unique is the yeast strain used. Sourced from Ardennes, It’s a completely different beast to our regular culture yeast and produces massive pear, white fruit, banana and bubblegum-like esters with some more subtle spiciness.  Our regular ale yeast likes nice cool controlled fermentation temperatures, however the yeast used in this series enjoys and thrives at much higher temperatures, where it happily contributes all these wonderfully flavourful components to the beers.   
Enjoy Guardian and Morning Star after dinner, with cheese plate, at home with friends.
These are excellent beers for drinking with food and stands up well to fatty or gamey meats and blue cheese. 
Think angel trumpets and devil trombones.

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