Trilogy Of Fear 2023 release is here!

Trilogy Of Fear 2023 release is here!

Brick Lane’s Trilogy of Fear beckons again… do you dare to indulge in the darkness?

Our highly anticipated annual release has hit the market with super limited quantities. Be warned; it is not for the faint-hearted; only the strong will survive.

Our most terrifying trio to date, each dark beer is created to deeply indulge the senses.

Each year we explore three uniquely alluring taste profiles and pair them with haunting fears; brought to life through incredible multi-award-winning can designs and storytelling.

2023 Trilogy Of Fear range scream to life across two barrel-aged stouts and a stock ale.

Last Train Home Oud Imperial Stout, 11% ABV

Aged with Agarwood creating a sinister blend of animalistic musk and darkness, balanced by the dryness of hay and the eerie essence of earthy vanilla. Sip cautiously, lest you succumb to the allure of its bewitching taste and join the ranks of the undead.

Taken Imperial Stock Ale, 10.8%

Beer boiled under a moonless sky for 20 hours to slowly develop a hauntingly rich aroma of dried figs, sultanas, and sherry, reminiscent of a dark fruit medley. Brewing mastery at its finest, this beer is dark, thick, and syrupy, with an intensity that lingers like a ghostly presence. indulge in a sip and allow the flavours to possess your taste buds.

Reckoning Palo Santo Imperial Stout, 11% ABV

A sinister brew aged on the charred remnants of the holy wood. Its smoky essence carries notes of cedar, leather, Guinea pepper and unburnt tobacco, with a chilling hint of mint. This brew is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to venture into the depths of its darkness, the reward is a truly bewitching taste experience. 

Place your 500ml can in the fridge and watch more horror unfold infront of you as it chills.

Pick a fear to try, or if you're willing to venture to the depths of darkness why not try all three with our Trilogy Of Fear pack.

Indulge in the Trilogy Of Fear today and allow the flavours to possess your taste buds.