Trilogy Of Fear 2022

Trilogy Of Fear 2022
Three new barrel aged imperial stouts designed to terrify and delight the senses. 
Hush Little Baby
Voodoo Imperial Stout, 11.1% ABV
Don’t try and fight this curse, you’ll never win. The more you try, the deeper the pin sticks in. 
Aged on cypress and whole Papuan vanilla to give a vanilla aroma expressed as earthy, complex and almost oud-like, complemented with resinous and herbal notes of juniper, scots pine and an almost ether-like sweetness from the cypress heartwood.
Bourbon Imperial Stout, 11.6% ABV 
Come in for a drink, but don’t stay too long or you might discover what goes bump in the night. 
Aged in first-fill Kentucky bourbon barrels, backwood secrets creep through imparting overwhelming flavours of vanilla, coconut, toffee and sherry, all tempered with oak and tannin in a decadence of hedonism.
Sugar Maple Imperial Stout, 11.1% ABV 
If you don’t face your demons, you might end up mad. 
Aged on a blend of sugar maple and amburana, lending a phantasmagorical expression of ginger shortbread, maple, black pepper, herbal thyme, hyssop and mallow. Just as you think you begin to understand, the aroma shifts into another impossible fractal geometry, leaving your sanity buckling.
Choose a fear, or if you're truly mad, why not face all three?