Supernova IPA blasts out!

Supernova IPA blasts out!

We’ve been working on this luminous beauty for a while and, like a true astronomical evolutionary event, this explosion is unmissable.

Our head brewer, Jon, and his team have released a beer that will satisfy any IPA lover. This beer shines with the classic tropical lychee and papaya notes, along with the citrus characters you would expect, but also has a surprising earthiness that sets it apart from the typical IPAs.

This beer has a malt bill mainly of pale malt with tiny, tiny amounts of rolled oats, munich and carapils for mouthfeel, body and a soft biscuity support but make no mistake – this beer is all about letting the hops shine.

The feature hop is one of the Brick Lane favourites, Citra, but not just any Citra. We’ve used it two ways. First as a CO2 extract, a beautiful essence of the hard and soft resins and essential oils that have been cold extracted under CO2. The second way was Citra cryo hops that were processed cold under 100°C to give us essentially purified lupulin. Very cool… (and we’re not even sorry for that pun).

Mosiac, Centennial and Equanot round out the hop contribution, giving us a beer that is big on body, bitterness and a hop aroma that is off the charts.

Supernova IPA. Now available on tap, 355ml cans and on our website shop.