Staff pick, brewers choice!

Staff pick, brewers choice!

Our marketing gal Peta sat down with brewer and all round good egg KC to talk about his favourite Brick Lane beer. 

Yo KC, what's your favourite Brick Lane brew?

"It has to be Brick Lane Hi-Fi Dry,it's a can full of pure refreshment. Historically, Japanese beer differentiated itself by using rice as a fermentation adjunct in the brewing process that led to clean, dry and light beers. The Hi-Fi dry is a Japanese lager that is brewed with a combination of malt and rice flakes; the rice giving the beer its light and refreshing palette."

Okay nerd out on me, what's special about brewing Hi-Fi Dry?

"I love brewing beers at Brick Lane and to see the Hi-Fi ready to be packaged in our huge fermenters is a hugely satisfying feeling as this beer being a zero-carb product, involves a methodical and complex brewing process that involves enzymatic action, sugar conversion and yeast fermentation to ensure a zero-carb beer. Thus, seeing bright silver cans filled with pallet-freshening beer rolling down the packaging line that I know is a result of amazing team work is something that makes me proud of my role while it also tests my negotiation skills to get a few fresh cans of the line from the packaging crew." 

What's your favourite thing to pair Hi-Fi Dry with?

"Korean delicacies are my first love, and the Hi-Fi plays the perfect role in a ‘Somaek’ which is cocktail that contains beer and soju. The Hi-Fi with its light body, subtle sweetness and a hint of hoppy character balances the mostly neutral taste of soju making it my one of my favourite drinks. Pair this with some sizzling Korean barbeque and it’s a match made in heaven I would say!!"

Okay last one, where's your favourite place to enjoy the zero carb lager? 

"Getting the rods out for fishing or a quick laze on the beach……Hi-Fi all the way!!" 

Gonbae! (cheers)