Someday Sour Cocktails

Someday Sour Cocktails
Here are some delightful and refreshing beer cocktails, designed to create a party in your mouth! 
Sour Watermelon 
A fun sweet and sour combo.
Best enjoyed while playing a game of lawn bowls. 
Serves one. 
1 Someday Sour Watermelon & Raspberry can
20ml gin 
20ml lemon juice 
15ml sugar syrup 
1 Cucumber cut into ribbons 
Sprig of mint 
Pour the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a highball glass filled with ice and cucumber ribbons. Top with Someday Sour Watermelon & Raspberry and garnish with a big sprig of mint. 
Blood Orange Lagerita 
A citrus twist on a classic. 
Will go great at your next BBQ. 
Serves four. 
355ml Someday Sour Blood Orange can
100ml tequila 
90ml triple sec 
90ml lime juice 
30ml sugar syrup 
1 Blood orange, sliced 
Fresh red chillis, thinly sliced 
Soda water, to top 
Salt flakes and dried chilli flakes to serve 
Pour into a big jug filled with ice, blood orange slice and red chillies. Top with soda water. Serve in glasses rimmed with a mix of salt flakes and dried chilli flakes filled with plenty of ice. 

Someday Squeeze 
A juicy and tropical cocktail. 
Enjoy while soaking up some sunshine. 
Serves one. 
1 Someday Sour Mango & Peach 
15ml dark rum 
15ml amaretto 
30ml lime juice 
75ml pineapple juice 
1 orange, thickly sliced 
1 mint sprig 
cherry for garnish 

Pour dark rum, amaretto, lime juice, pineapple juice into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with Someday Mango & Peach and add your orange slice, some mint and top it off with a cherry.