Ready for more flavour?

Ready for more flavour?
Introducing Someday Sour Mango & Peach, the newest member of the tantalising Someday Sour Range! 
Joining crowd favourite Watermelon & Raspberry and the super refreshing Blood Orange is our third Someday beer, bursting with sweet mango and juicy peach flavours.
If you are new to the world of sours or looking for a sour beer that you can enjoy all night long, our Someday beers are perfect for you. These beers have a soft zippiness that compliments the real fruit flavours, adding a gentle acidity that helps highlight the fruit characters.
Our Someday Sours are perfectly balanced and ready to join in for any occasion! Swap that brunch prosecco for a softer, fruiter option; afternoon ciders hold nothing against the Someday beers and if you are easing into your night, the delicate sour notes and real fruit flavours are a perfect fit. Enjoy it straight from the can, or pour into a stemmed wine glass to really bring some glam to your day.
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