Raising money for Pride Foundation Australia! 

Raising money for Pride Foundation Australia! 
BWS and Dan Murphy's have released the fabulous Loud & Proud range in honour of Mardi Gras with 100% of the profits going to Pride Foundation Australia
The Loud & Proud range includes our One Love Pale Ale which has had a vibrant makeover in the name of Love! 
This collection of drinks, including a range of wine and a watermleon seltzer, are doing a lot more than just looking and tasting good. This dazzling collection is about celebrating diversity, equity and inclusivity with 100% of profits being donated to the Pride Foundation Australia. 
We love being able to support our mates at BWS and Dan Murphy's with the inclusion of our One Love Pale Ale. One Love was always brewed to be a beer for all, with our belief that everyone is welcome at Brick Lane so was a perfect inclusion for this Loud & Proud limited release. 
Pride Foundation Australia does incredible work providing funding for projects that address the systemic disadvantage of LGBTQIA+ communities and individuals in Australia in bridging the gap of discrimination that the LGBTQIA+ community regulary experince. 
Want to help bridge the gap too? Head into your local BWS or Dan Murphy's along the east coast, buy a 6 pack of our Loud & Proud One Love Pale Ale and show your support for a more inclusive future.
You can find out more about the incredible work  Pride Foundation Australia do here
Happy Mardi Gras!