Keep The Tote Afloat!

Keep The Tote Afloat!

Here at Brick Lane we love live music. When it comes to Melbourne, there are few venues as iconic as The Tote!

With the music and hospitality industry in a real struggle we’re helping in the best way we know how… with beer!

We have teamed up with The Tote to bring you their very own beer, The Tote Draught.

Brick Lane will be donating $5 from every case to fund live music acts when The Tote re-opens.

The Tote Draught is massively refreshing, clean and all Aussie. Featuring Victorian malt and aromas that remind you of everything you love about a good honest beer… just like its namesake.

You can find The Tote Draught on our website or if you are local to The Tote head in to grab some in person. They are open 5.30pm-8pm Thursday to Saturday.

In this strange and trying year a lot of our favourite venues have been hit hard. It is up to all of us to come together and do our part to help keep them alive.

The Tote Draught – Support Australian Live Music and drink great beer!

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