It's time to face your fears 😨

It's time to face your fears 😨
Are you scared of the dark? 
Maybe it's not the dark you're scared of but what's lurking in it. Be careful of wading deeper than the shallows, who knows what is out there watching. 
Introducing Trilogy Of Fear. 
Three terrifyingly delicious barrel-aged imperial stouts are here however only the brave will survive this release. 
Baba Yaga is a brooding Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. Dark and inviting, beware of Baba Yaga or she might just get you. 
The Abyss Imperial Stout has been aged in amburana giving a mesmerising trance of spice and oak sweetness, but be careful your fascination doesn't pull you into the deep unknown. 
Leviathan Imperial Stout is why they say be wary of what lies beneath. Aged in bourbonbarrels with cacao nibs and vanilla pods, this beer is smooth and peaceful until the beast awakens. 
Face your fears...if you dare! 

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