Eyes set on the future

Eyes set on the future
Here at Brick Lane we have a vision, a vision to grow a sustainable, more inclusive, independent brewery that focuses on quality, flexibility and sustainability. 
Our brewery has allowed us the space and freedom to create something truly world-class. From our humble beginnings, a capacity of 8 million litres, we are now expanding our facility in Melbourne to a capacity of 20 million litres. 
This expansion will see us more than double our production capacity by the end of year. We’ve invested heavily in the world’s best brewing, process, packaging and automation control equipment, ensuring unequalled quality and consistency with a reduced environmental footprint. We believe in investing in our future and bringing you the best quality beer. 
Our facility is engineered to reduce primary energy consumption, reclaim energy and minimise waste streams. We have a range of Australia firsts, from low thermal load wort boiling to cross-flow filtration technology from Pall that reduces energy and water usage, improves beer quality and eliminates the need to use non-renewable filtration aids like diatomaceous earth.​ It is important to us that we do our part for the planet. 
We currently do contract brewing for a range of other breweries, including making house brands for retailers, and we will continue to grow our partner brewing relationships as part of the expansion. Community is at our core and we want to support the beer industry and other breweries as much as we can. 
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Paul Bowker said "there's space to go even further, depending on demand. It's highly scalable!" 
With our eyes set on a big future, anything is possible. 

For more information check out our write up by Beer and Brewer here!


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