Brick Lane: Sustainability Report September 2022

Brick Lane: Sustainability Report September 2022

To coincide with our recent B Corp certification, we have made available our Sustainability Update, which details the innovations and processes Brick Lane has put in place to achieve this and the investments we are making to realise our objective of True Zero beer by 2025.

Some of the key initiatives outlined in the report include:

  • Installation of Australia’s first CO2 vaporiser allowing recovery and conversion of liquid CO2 to gas used in the brewing process, saving 32 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.
  • Directing 99.3% of spent grain – the largest waste product in brewing – to farmers in the Dandenong area for use as animal feed, rather than landfill.
  •  Commencing installation of a 375kW solar project at our Dandenong brewery, the largest of any independent brewer in Australia. The system will supply 27% of Brick Lane’ energy requirements and save 374 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions.
  • Reducing the ratio of water used to beer produced by 40% to 3.7:1 in 2022 versus the 2019 baseline of 6.1:1
  • Using only fully recyclable packaging across all Brick Lane and partner brands
  • Reducing both the electricity and natural gas consumed per unit of beer produced by more than half since 2019 and sourcing all CO2 used in brewing from sustainable fermentation-derived sources rather than from natural gas, ammonia or other fossil fuels.
  • Moving from artificial to natural refrigerants, eliminating green house gas and ozone depletion potential from refrigeration gasses.

The full Sustainability Update can be downloaded here.  

Sustainability is a pathway, not a destination. We are leading positive change and direct action to help Australia’s brewing industry do better.

We look forward to sharing more with you as we move towards certified carbon neutral in 2023 and achieving True Zero in 2025.