Brick Lane cracks 4 beers into the Hottest 100

Brick Lane cracks 4 beers into the Hottest 100
This year's GABS Hottest 100 was bigger and better than ever before. With around 2,000 beers receiving votes from over 40,000 people we are absolutely stoked to see One Love Pale Ale, Base Lager, Draught and Avalanche Hazy IPA all feature. This was only our second year throwing our hat in the ring and to have 4 cracking beers feature we are some proud parents over here. 
43. One Love Pale Ale 
53. Brick Lane Draught 
64. Base Lager 
89. Avalanche Hazy IPA 
Another huge moment for us was seeing Backyarder Crisp Lager sneaking in at number 105. We only just launched Backyarder and can’t wait to see what comes from this already stand out beer in 2021! 

A few more stats from this epic year of GABS 2020. 
  • We had two of the top five lagers with Brick Lane Draught and Base Lager. 
  • We had two brand new beers crack the top 100 with Draught and Avalanche, with Backyarder close behind.
  • In our Victoiran backyard we had 6th and 7th highest rated Victorian beers with One Love and Draught.
  • We picked up four top 100 places for our diverse range of styles, from Hazy IPA to Draught Lager....that's about as far apart as you can get!
2020 was a huge year in Australian beer. Thank you for your ongoing support and your votes, this win is because of you.
Here's to another great year of beer! 


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