A rockin' new beer is here!

A rockin' new beer is here!
We are excited to announce the launch of our newest beer, Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale. 
Created as a collaboration with Pink Boots Society, a global non-profit organisation that aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and queer fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals through education. 
Inspired by the remarkable women in music, Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale was led by our talented brewer Emily Usher. Usher says, "People assume there aren't many women in brewing or technical roles in the industry, so collaborations like Pink Boots are an opportunity to help build a community of women brewers and disprove that assumption. This brew day gave us the opportunity to give more visibility that women are working in and leading breweries. Strengthening connections with other women in the industry while creating something people will love to drink is very special.” 
The beer was created around this year’s release of the Pink Boots Hop Blend, chosen by Pink Boots members across the globe, including Australia, via a virtual hop selection event. Brick Lane’s Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale is a light amber colour due to the munich, crystal and rye malts. The rye provides a light spicy stage however the Pink Boots hop blend takes the spotlight for both aroma and flavour. From generous dry hopping you’ll find tropical, citrus, herbal and woody characters singing in this beer, including coconut notes from the Sabro hops; all of which harmonise with the spicy rye malt qualities. 
Our founder, Paul Bowker says, “The Pink Boots beer is a way for us to show our support to all women and queer people in beer and support diversity in this incredible brewing industry. Brick Lane is thrilled to contribute to Pink Boots and help raise funds towards scholarships for Australian women and queer people in the brewing industry. Let's break the stereotype together!” 
Brick Lane will donate $10,500 from the proceeds of Stereobreaker to the Pink Boots Society scholarship fund, which helps women in the industry attend educational seminars, classes, certifications and tours. Using the scholarship program, Pink Boots aims to inspire and assist fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals advance their careers through education. 
Cheers to all the awesome women in beer!