The Team

Paul Bowker


Paul is our Managing Director and one of the co-founders of Brick Lane. When he’s not running the business, he’s running his three hounds. Loves brewing beer, making wine, grilling on coals and hiding barrels in the brewery.

Jon Seltin

Head Brewer

Jon is our Head Brewer - The Genius behind our beer! Also a fully licensed paraglider. There’s not a beer in the world that Jon wouldn’t love to make!

Laura Mirsch


Laura joins us from the USA and works in the brewery team. She keeps everything running smoothly. She can also cook a barbeque like no-one else!

Justin Godber

Sales - VIC

Justin has joined us from Perth to setup our hospitality space at the Brewery! We are trying to legally name him Justin 'Goodbeer'. He’s a Certified Cicerone and all round beer lover.

Kade Wilson


Kade is a brewer and is always keen to share ideas, especially when it comes to good beer.

Jarred Verplak

Sales - VIC

Jarred is a member of our Vic sales team! A country boy making his way in the big city – In his spare time you might see him driving a fire truck for his local CFA station!

Nathan Hitch

Sales - VIC

Hitchy is our Vic sales team leader. Not only is he a good bloke but a true blue beer lover.

Jon Doherty


JD is our financial controller! He keeps the cogs and wheels turning behind the scenes! He will be the first man in line for a Brick Lane stout!

Tahlia Christie


Tahlia is in our finance team. She takes care of the beer orders + deliveries. If she’s not at the brewery she’ll be down the beach!

Pat Ommundson

Sales - NSW

Pat is the State Manager for NSW and looks after all things sales and events related for the state. In his spare time he loves drinking beer and eating chips.

Ashleigh Robinson


Ash joins us all the way from South Africa as one of our gun accountants! She’s inviting to the idea of a Brick Lane cider one day!

Steele Retchless

Sales - QLD

If you’re a Queenslander who knows a thing or two about beer, you would’ve heard of Steele Retchless. A true beer advocate with over 200 professional games of Rugby League under his belt!

Richard Frost

Sales - qld

Frosty is the other half of our QLD duo. He loves a game of touch footy and claims there's nothing better than a Base Lager as the ultimate post game shower beer. Frosty's prone to dad jokes, dressing up, and a good laugh with his team!

Mason Harrington


Whiz kid and master brewer Mason has quickly become an integral member of the team that keep the brews bubbling and the beers flowing!

Taylor Cox


Taylor recently joined our brewing team to keep up with our growing demand and ensure there is always plenty of Brick Lane for all!

Alexandra Dever


Alex is the people person working to ensure Brick Lane is always an ace place to work. She’s good at looking after us after having plenty of practice with her two super busy children!

Alex West


Alex really likes fermenting things. When it’s not beer, it’s kombucha, kefir or sauerkraut. He’s also a top-notch home distiller and is hoping his famous banana rum will be taken on as a permanent Brick Lane product one day.

Matthew Cooper


Matt’s party trick is showing off his missing toe. You’d think he’d be a bit unbalanced, but Matt doesn’t let his nine toes stop him from hiking, trekking around the world and stomping around the brewery like a boss.

Paris Johnson


Rock climbing Paris ditched the canyons and snow-capped ranges of the Rocky Mountains to join our production team. We’re stoked to have him on board, as long as he stops climbing the equipment.

Emily Reeves


Don’t bother trying to call her on the weekends, Emily and her doggo Indigo will be busy scouting out the slopes and surf for any opportunity to get on a board.

Matt Carty


Being our token rock star, Matt’s usually sighted sticking up posters around the city recruiting for his one-man band. In his spare time, he’s brushing up on his drums and guitar while serenading his pet rabbit.

Anthony Flanagan

Sales - VIC

Flanno delivers liquid to lips in the South East. You’ll find him pulling beers at events, or at our local venues and bottle stores making sure they’re well stocked with the essentials.

Trent Touhy

National Accounts

Trent occasionally takes a break from the cricket pitch to manage our national accounts and partner brewing programme, all while dreaming of a Base Lager at the end of a hard day’s play.

Matthew Moulds


Matt’s the man with his finger on the pulse when it comes to our dollars in and dollars out. He keeps us in check but doesn’t shy away from shouting a hearty team lunch, especially if it’s his favourite curry from the Dandy markets.

Peta Christey


All the way from WA, Peta is on board to look after events and hospitality. She loves a good boogie and brings down the house with her freestyle raps after a couple of Brick Lane IPA’s.

Paul Scott


Paul brings a wealth of experience from the food, beverage and entertainment sectors to the team. He’s got fingers in every pie on the commercial side of things and is constantly strategizing on how to make BL bigger and betterer. And he looks great in a hat.

Greg Hall


When he’s not meticulously over polishing his vintage cars, he’s working on polishing up the BL brand and bringing great new beers in cool new cans to the table. All while making sure we look as slick as his 1975 HJ Premier.

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