Winter Hoppy Pack

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16 x 355mL

Intriguing and unexpected. Our two 'Hoppy' beers together in the one pack.

One is a dark beer with a bright soul, with restrained roasty characters and a velvety body, bursting with unexpectedly bright hop aromas. Revolver Dark Hoppy Ale is dark and comforting, while reminiscent of summertime fruit and warm weather.

The other is reminiscent of that time of day when the sun is going down. When it is not quite dark, yet not light. Our Red Hoppy Ale features layered caramel malts, incredible citrus and pine hop flavours and layers of complexity, interest and a moreish finish.

Our Winter Hoppy pack gives you the chance to try both our Hoppy beers!

Available exclusively on our website for a limited time.

Hop to it!

  • 8 x Revolver Dark Hoppy Ale (ABV 5.8% - Limited Release)
  • 8 x Red Hoppy Ale (ABV 5.3%)