Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale

Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale

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Stereobreaker is a Rye Pale Ale that is here to shake things up.

Brewed with a special Pink Boots Yakima hop blend this Rye Pale Ale is exploding with tropical, citrus, herbal and woody characters with a hint of coconut from the Sabro hops.

We amped up the rye to create a subtle spiciness that harmonises beautifully with the Munich and Crystal malts that give this beer a light amber colour.  Full of flavour and easy drinking, this smooth Rye Pale Ale sits at a rockin’ 5.8% ABV. 

Our fantastic brewer Emily teamed up with the Victorian members of Pink Boots Australia to create this limited release beer at our brewery in Melbourne. 

We are donating $10,500 from the proceeds of Stereobreaker to the Pink Boots Society, a global non-profit organisation that aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and queer fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals through education.

Cheers to the amazing women in beer! 

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