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6 x 375ml / 24 can case

Some days just call for an ice cold beer. One that is uncomplicated, clean and Aussie. Our Draught is just that - a no fuss kind of beer that still delivers what you want. 

Bright golden in colour with a balanced, crisp body from the use of our all Victorian malt, the aromas remind you of everything there is to love about good, honest beer.

Only real ingredients have gone into this beer - there’s no extracts or added sugars here. The beer is full flavoured, massively refreshing and easy drinking with enough assertive bitterness to carry it through. 

Brick Lane Draught has a clean, crisp finish and sits at an approachable 4.9% ABV. This beer is perfect for any time you want a honest, independent Australian beer.

Massively refreshing. All natural. Full strength.


  • GOLD, Indies Beer Awards 2021 
  • SILVER, Australian International Beer Awards 2022
  • SILVER, Indies Beer Awards 2020 
  • BRONZE, Australian International Beer Awards 2021 

Can't wait for delivery? You can also find our Draught in Dan Murphy's stores nationally.